Get Involved: Brindley is much more than an Engineering Company; it’s a place to make a difference! Part 2

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Reason #2 why BE is one of the best engineering firms to work for: The Culture Committee…

Family, Diversity, Excellence, Teamwork, Fun, Together, Inviting… That’s How Brindley Engineering (BE) employees describe the strong company culture where they work. Brindley Engineering is proud to be a Great Places To Work company 2 years in a row. What makes it so special? You read in Part 1 about the Brindley Engineering Marketing Committee. Did you know that Brindley Engineering also has a Culture Committee, and an Office Expansion Committee?  It’s time to learn about the Culture Committee…

BE’s strong company culture is very important to everyone at BE and is the reason why many choose to work at the Company. The main goal of the BE Culture Committee is to make sure that BE’s culture continues to remain strong and that they celebrate each other’s success. “BE TOGETHER” is one of Brindley Engineering’s core values. There’s even a dedicated category called ‘Inside BE – Our Culture’ on the Brindley Engineering Blog where you can read about topics from Pregnancy in the Workplace,  to Alaska Animals & Wildlife that they discovered on a job site, to Women in Engineering and celebrating their partners’ publishing successes, BE culture is about the people who make it a great place to be.

What does the Culture Committee do?  

They generate ideas to build on an already strong company culture! The culture committee originates or develops ideas for Brindley events and team building activities. “We brainstorm on ways to keep improving culture. A big key to this is implementing employee ideas,” said Scott Berglund, Piping Department Manager, BE Culture Committee Member.

“We brainstorm on ways to keep improving culture. A big key to this is implementing employee ideas.” – Scott Berglund, Piping Department Manager, BE Culture Committee Member

“BE’s culture committee plans and facilitates events for the company that allow “whole team” collaboration and bonding. The culture committee either takes ideas from the Leadership Team or Managers and develops them for larger events or self-creates ideas and executes smaller events,” said Chris Naegele, Reliability Engineer, BE Culture Committee Member.

What was the biggest hit over the past 6 months? 

A BE indoor sand volleyball tournament and happy hour! The holiday party also rocks!

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brindley sand volleyball tournament
brindley team at chili cook off table
table at brindley holiday party


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