Oil and Gas Facilities Engineering Services

Focused on Operations

Oil and Gas facilities produce a wide range of products that are integral to our daily lives. Brindley Engineering has been working in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas since the company’s founding in 2004. We continue to support our broad customer base both domestically and internationally through our core strengths of being constructability obsessed, field forward, efficient and adaptive, and data driven.

We understand the pressures our Clients are under 24/7/365 and are here to relieve that pressure by anticipating issues and addressing them before they become problems. Our dedicated, hard-working, and talented team pays meticulous attention to quality so you can rest confidently with the assurance that you have the best solutions going forward, both technically sound and efficient to implement.

At Brindley Engineering, we have your back.


  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Pipeline Transfer Stations
  • Tank Farms
  • Terminals
  • Wellhead processing facilities


  • Capital Project Execution: FEL 1 (Conceptual) through Detailed Design
  • Construction Planning and Estimating
  • Maintenance Program Development and Execution
  • Mechanical Integrity Reliability Initiatives
  • Turnaround planning and execution

Refining Industry Engineering Case Studies

Module Floor & Roof Replacement

BE replaced this plant’s concrete floors and metal roof in the Alaskan winter.

view of pipe bridge

Reactivated Sludge Piping

BE was requested to create a temporary piping solution near a complex series of pumps.

view of pipe bridge

Rerouting Existing Flare Line

The BE Team provided a new design for rerouting an existing flare line to the inlet of their KO Drum. 

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