Get Involved: Brindley is much more than an Engineering Company; it’s a place to make a difference! Part 1

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Reason #1 why BE is one of the best engineering firms to work for: The Marketing Committee…

Family, Diversity, Excellence, Teamwork, Fun, Together, Inviting… That’s How Brindley Engineering (BE) employees describe the company where they work at. Brindley Engineering is proud to be a Great Places To Work company 2 years in a row. What makes BE one of the top engineering companies to work for? Did you know that Brindley Engineering has an employee Culture Committee, a Marketing Committee, and an Office Expansion Committee?  Why, you may ask, does an engineering company invest in marketing, culture, and making the office a great place to be? Well, the answer lies in the desire to give BE employees a voice outside of their everyday responsibilities and options where they can further explore their creativity.

“These committees give us a voice in BE to express ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to participate and share ideas in areas we think we can help the company. Having the chance to do that has been just amazing.” – Cristina Rincon, Mechanical Engineer, BE Marketing Committee Member

Part 1: The Marketing Committee…

Nowadays Marketing is everywhere, and there is no reason why an Engineering Company shouldn’t have a Marketing Committee. Having a group of people that have internal knowledge of the company’s core values and vision helps articulate the right message to both clients and potential employees. Being one of the top engineering companies to work for takes strategy and the Marketing Committee finds the ways to feature Brindley Engineering to the right people at the right time in the right place.

What does the Marketing Committee do? 

The Marketing Committee develops ideas to promote and show to the target audiences the features that makes BE a Great Place to Work. Not only that, but the Committee features capabilities and technical achievements in the industry and celebrates BE people for their accomplishments. The Marketing Committee is comprised of thought leaders who author articles including: Engineering Myths: Fact or Fiction, 12-Step Process for Successful Project Work, Women in Engineering: A Career Worth Pursuing, and more… Committee members also create 3-D Modeling Videos of Project work on the Company’s YouTube Channel.

12 Step Process for successful project work
engineering myth #1 all engineers are math nerds
“One of the highlights of being part of this committee is the idea of digging deeper on every good feature that this company has and talking about it.  Every member of the Marketing Committee shares their own perspective and ideas of how it is to work for this company.”  – Andreina Lopez, Piping Designer, BE Marketing Committee Member

The Marketing Committee works as the propulsor of BE, using social media to reach and attract more people to get to know them and join the team.  BE is more than an Engineering company, so the marketing committee keeps track of social events, important projects, new people joining the team, and celebrates what the team does and achieves.

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