Capital & Maintenance Engineering Services

Every Detail Counts

We don’t stop until we are 100% confident in our results. We are field-forward engineers that understand the complexities of building, evaluating and repairing infrastructure in continuous operating, heavy industrial environments.

Building the “new”, maintaining the “old”, and improving the reliability of existing infrastructure requires the ability to work creatively within operational and safety constraints, the ability to think on one’s feet, to exercise sound judgement, to simplify the complex, and to maintain a meticulous attention to detail.  Building new with a highly-experience maintenance team leads to infrastructure that is built to last longer, with greater optimization, and be more efficient over a lifetime. Linking capital projects and maintenance is intuitive for us.


  • Structural: Steel, Concrete, Masonry, Wood
  • Piping: Process, Power, Utility, Gravity
  • Fixed Equipment: Process, Tanks
  • Instrumentation and Electrical


  • Evaluation and Engineering
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Emergency Outages
  • Planned Outages / Turnarounds