Brindley Engineering: Meet Chris Bolwerk, Gulf Coast Regional Manager

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Brindley Engineering: Meet Chris Bolwerk, Gulf Coast Regional Manager

Did you know that Brindley Engineering maintains a continual multidiscipline presence in the US Gulf Coast, and has extensive experience internationally?  Domestically, Brindley Engineering has worked from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Alaska to the Caribbean, and everywhere in between.   BE has extensive engineering experience internationally and has executed work in 8 countries on four continents. We recently sat down with Chris Bolwerk, about his new role as Brindley Engineering’s’ Gulf Coast Regional Manager.

Q: What are your day-to-day responsibilities as Gulf Coast Regional Manager?

A: I am currently located in Corpus Christi Texas. I am in charge of setting up and managing several long term reliability programs for various clients in the gulf coast region. I am also in charge of scoping and managing small and medium maintenance and capital projects. I am in charge of interviewing, hiring and managing the multi-discipline team that is working in this region. I create schedules, manage budgets, and check deliverables for issue.

Q: What does having a Gulf Coast presence mean for you and for BE?

A: There are many refinery and chemical clients in the Corpus Christi area. By establishing a working multi discipline team locally in the Gulf Coast we will be able to expand throughout the areas including the Houston area and Southern Louisiana. The majority of refining and petroleum-based refining is located in this region so we can further support our clients regionally.

Q: Tell us about BE? What are some of BE’s strengths?

 A: BE is about quality people providing quality products. We are highly specialized in brownfield work. Where larger companies aren’t experienced or set up to do maintenance and reliability work, we excel. We look for the best and brightest, and we can keep those employees by maintaining a great work culture and consistent workflow.

Q: Why work for BE? 

A: BE is an employee-centric company. We aren’t concerned about quantity of people as much as quality. You can get a lot more accomplished with a few good people than with a lot of average people. BE goes out of its way to keep employees engaged, develop their career to support their career goals, and to keep steady work to ensure job security.

Q: Why should clients work with BE?

A: Ultimately, we get things done. If we are given proper support by clients, we can accomplish far more in a shorter amount of time than others. We don’t take shortcuts and we make sure our deliverables are out on time and with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

We are a company that can make a big impact in client’s facilities. We have many specialized areas that other companies don’t offer. We strive to continue to evolve with the industry and bring creative solutions to problems that require experience and creative thinking.

Q: Where is the industry headed and what do you see as the biggest opportunity for you professionally as well as for BE?

A: While I don’t think the refinery industry is going away any time soon. I see more and more opportunities in petroleum-related chemical manufacturing. For me professionally I hope that I can help BE develop a full gulf coast presence including offices in Houston and Corpus Christi

Fun fact about Chris: He loves to Travel and has visited almost 100 countries.  He also lived overseas for 6 years. His wife is from Germany, and they met when he was living in Malaysia! One of Chris’s favorite hobbies is scuba diving – which he has experienced all over the world including recreational and technical diving.

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