What Our Clients Say

“BE is responsive. The MOST responsive group I have ever worked with.” Reliability Manager

Oil Refinery

“BE is a team and they collaborate. They have good working relationships.” Reliability Manager

Energy & Construction

“[Brindley Engineering demonstrated] the all-around knowledge, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and willingness to take on a task and see it through to successful completion. BE Management are true team players, both as coaches and teachers to fellow employees.” Maintenance Manager


“[Brindley Engineering] spent much of their time in the field / in the plant during various stages of completion.” Project Manager

Chalmette Refining

“[Team Leader’s] knowledge of structural engineering and continued review of current standards is outstanding. [They] stay current with the engineering practices for the application of constructible designs for industrial projects.” Engineering Manager (Retired)


“If you want someone to think outside the box or do true engineering, BE has the quality engineers.” Maintenance Superintendent

Oil Refinery

“They actually help me think through problems in a quality out-of-the-box way.” Principal Engineer


“[Brindley Engineering] demonstrated a very strong knowledge of practical engineering and a unique capability to identify poor-quality and poor-safety details ahead of the curve, [identified] leading indicators (in safety language), to help ensure solutions before accident-causing problems could arise.” Safety Manager

Technip Corporation

“The company employs only quality engineers. These engineers cover a multitude of disciplines. Solving and designing repairs of structures and piping systems for the industry is accomplished by extensive fieldwork, in conjunction with engineering.” Engineering Manager (Retired)


“[Team Leader] participated in plant safety and health audits, at which he was excellent due to his knowledge and insight as well as keen observation skills. Never involved in a safety incident. And at all times his conduct was in accordance with the safety procedures and rules, important not only to prevent injury to himself but also because his conduct set an excellent example to the numerous workers on the project.” Project Manager

Technip Corporation