Case Studies – Construction Solutions

Reactivated Sludge Piping

Brindley Engineering was requested to create a temporary piping solution near a complex series of pumps in order to keep a reactivated sludge (RAS) line in operation while piping for the line was replaced due to end of life conditions. Temporary Piping Solution...

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Coke Drum Replacement

A Client of Brindley needed to replace their coke drums and conduct repairs and modifications to the reinforced concrete coke drum support structure.  The scale of the outage was significant and minimizing the time and effort required was paramount to operational...

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Flare Derricks

A refinery came to the Brindley Engineering team to determine a solution for modifying five existing flare systems without having to remove the entire flare. Innovative load transfer system to modify flares BE the solutionFirst, the team analyzed the derrick...

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