Fireproofing Engineering Articles

Failing Fireproofing Program

Why are our Fireproofing Repairs Failing? At Brindley Engineering, we find evidence of past structural fireproofing repairs that have failed prematurely in nearly all the facilities we evaluate.  This is a very common occurrence not only for fireproofing repairs...

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Improper Concrete Repair

Structural Fireproofing Evaluation

What if I Stop My Fireproofing Program? The Vicious Cycle It is not uncommon to encounter a facility that conducts a structural and fireproofing evaluation, identifies several heavily deteriorated items or areas, and decides to spend the next 2 to 3 years’ budgets...

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Structure Rebuild Due to Fire Damage

Brindley Engineering was commissioned on an emergency basis to assist a refinery to recover from a fire. A large portion within one of their processing units was damaged including critical DCS cabling infrastructure along with field instrumentation replacement and...

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close up of refinery on fire