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What to Look for in Your Engineering Job Search

Q&A With Brindley Engineering’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Mark Manalad We sat down with Mark Manalad, Brindley Engineering’s Talent Acquisition Manager, to learn about current market trends and how to navigate a job search for engineering jobs in Chicago....

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Staying Connected While Working from Home

Morning, Morning, Morning! When Governor Priztker mandated the Work from Home (WFH) order my immediate thought was “How will this affect the Brindley Engineering staff?”  I was confident with the plan that our leadership team put in place to migrate our entire...

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Leadership Principle #10

Ownership and Empowerment “I understand how I am empowered, and how my work impacts the organization’s business goals.” This is one of the survey questions from Brindley Engineering’s (BE) recent Engagement Survey that is sent to employees periodically throughout...

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Leadership Principle #9

Showing Ownership. We are a team. Everyone has stake in our collective success. When a 3-point shot is made during a basketball game, it is never due solely to the skills of the individual shooter.  One teammate sets a pick to get the shooter open, another rolls to...

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Leadership Principle #8

Delegation in Leadership Letting go of the ‘I have to do it all myself’ mentality and learning to delegate. Leadership is a term that can mean many things to people. To some, it means being a decision maker. To others, it means coordinating the decisions within a...

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Leadership Principle #7

Building Relationships In military conflicts, combat forces are tested mentally, physically and spiritually. Very often, officers are forced to lead their troops into dangerous situations. Great leaders promise their troops that they themselves will be the first...

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Leadership Principle #6

Reflect, Don't Deflect In this summer of 2020, we are experiencing a health crisis due to COVID-19 that hasn’t been seen in a century.  The response to the virus has led to a financial crisis and a mental health crisis due to physical distancing efforts to prevent...

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Leadership Principle #5

Taking Care of People you are in Charge of Rules the Day “Together” is one of the Core Value at Brindley Engineering.  The concept of “Together” means looking out for and assisting others such as your Family, your Team, and your Clients.  Our recent leadership...

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