Manufacturing Engineering Services

At the Core

Brindley Engineering believes that today’s manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and requires a keen eye on process and system improvements to keep up with the ever-changing industry needs and market demands. We are ready to design and implement new process infrastructure into plants to facilitate needed improvements, upgrades, and systems for manufacturing clients.

Every business requires a unique approach to unique challenges and we will adapt our process to meet your specific needs.


  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Pulp and Paper plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Manufacturing facilities


  • Facility Energy Savings and Efficiency Studies
  • New capital projects
  • Retrofit / Rehabilitation Projects
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Reliability Initiatives
man on cherry picker in manufacturing plant

Manufacturing Industry Engineering Case Studies

coker gantry crane reliability

Clash Detection using navisworks manage software

Learn how Navisworks Manage Software Clash Detective helps Brindley Engineering deliver projects efficiently and accurately. 
fin fan stiffening system

Reinforced Concrete Fire Deterioration

BE evaluated deteriorated steel platforms and reinforced concrete column that were exposed to fires in the past, for a major US refinery. 
guy wire anchorage

Guy wire evaluation

The Brindley Engineering team has a long history of conducting guy wire evaluations and designing repairs when necessary. 

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