Women in Engineering – a Great Career Worth Pursuing!

Jun 15, 2022 | Inside BE - Our Culture | 0 comments

Tell us about yourself and the women who work at Brindley Engineering.

I am a part-time engineer in training and a full-time student. I am very proud to say that I am “acing” both roles as a student and as an engineer. Being part of Brindley Engineering as an undergrad student allows me to have deeper insight into the ins and outs of BE’s culture, customers’ needs, project management, prioritization of tasks as well as a deeper understanding of the company’s processes. I am lucky to get this insight and it provides me the tools I need to understand what makes for a great working environment.

At Brindley Engineering, we are a diverse group of women engineers. We are creative thinkers, athletes, and designers — and we have a great sense of humor. Every woman at BE brings unique values to the company. We have a mother of two who never stops and knows how to manage her time to be great in her roles, both as a mother and as an exceptional designer. We have a woman who has worked at four different refineries in North and South America, and she is an animal lover who lives with her husband and two fur babies. Another great role model is a female engineer with less than six years of experience who is leading a group of 14 people —

she is loved and respected by all. The women of Brindley Engineering have different backgrounds, but all have something in common — they are strong, dedicated, hard workers, and they support one another.

Why do you love engineering? 

I love math and being creative in my work! Engineering fulfills both a creative outlet and a desire to help the world. Engineering requires creative thinkers who bring bold solutions to complex problems. There is such a wide variety of career opportunities too. As an engineer, you can work in a professional setting and still have some flexibility in terms of your job — but you do NOT have to sit behind a desk if you don’t want to. Engineers have the chance to learn and improve both on the job and through formal education — for example, as a field engineer, designer, program manager, and more. Engineering is a rewarding vocation with promising future growth prospects. It is a fascinating and enjoyable profession.

Undoubtedly, engineering is an empowering, welcoming, and rewarding career. As a woman in STEM, I can serve as a role model to motivate and encourage youth to fulfill their potential.

Why Brindley Engineering?

Brindley Engineering believes in diversity of all areas — from gender to culture to age and experience.  Our goal is to eliminate gender bias in the workplace and ensure all voices have equal weight. Having women in leadership positions at BE is a direct reflection of the diversity in our company, and it helps to attract and retain diverse talent.

Brindley Engineering is a great place to work. BE provides an inclusive and supportive environment for experienced and new engineers. BE allows you to grow, learn, and develop creative solutions for different industries. BE has adapted to COVID work-life balance by adding flex workdays and schedules as well as maternity and paternity leave flexibility. BE values people, culture, respect, and commitment. Providing a flexible work schedule motivates me to proudly represent the company and give back to them, while also growing as a professional. My long-term career goals match BE’s vision. I am looking forward to advancing in my career and continuing to play a part in BE’s success.

What exactly does Brindley Engineering do? 

Brindley Engineering Corporation is based in Lisle, IL, and was founded in 2004. BE provides the highest level of service to clients in the maintenance, reliability, and constructability fields. BE services clients in a variety of industries, including oil & gas extraction and pre-processing (upstream), pipelines and terminals (midstream), petroleum refining (downstream), gas processing, chemical plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and water treatment.

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