My Part Time Engineering Job as a College Student

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Life at Brindley Engineering as a Student: A View from the Inside

According to a study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workplace, over the past 25 years, more than 70 percent of college students have worked while attending school. About 40 percent of undergraduates and about 25 percent of all working learners are simultaneously employed full-time and enrolled in college full-time. With the cost of education on the rise, more students are in need of work to be able to pay for school and satisfy other financial obligations. As more and more students work while in college, it is becoming necessary for employers to find ways to support them.

The Challenge

In my experience, one challenge I face as an undergrad student is finding the right job that can offer valuable experience as well as a flexible work schedule. Maintaining a job is as important as my education; I need to make sure I schedule myself efficiently to keep up with my schoolwork and grades and simultaneously deliver my job responsibilities effectively and on time.

BE the Solution

Brindley Engineering allows me to work part-time, have flexible work hours, and the freedom to work from home as needed to balance work and school. On day one, I was told by BE leadership that my education comes first. BE’s culture has allowed me to adapt my work schedule based on my school schedule. I can work evenings and weekends so that I have more time to attend classes during the day. BE is supporting me in pursuing my interests, building long-lasting relationships, and preparing for my dream career.

BE the Result

I like to think that giving students the opportunity to work while going to school full time pays off for companies in the short and long run.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage I receive from working while attending school is enhancing my critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills. Also, it is giving me access to new software, new approaches to the engineering field, and valuable resources that help me learn and grow every day. These skills and the knowledge I gain are allowing me to expand my contribution at BE in multiple projects and successfully adhere to the company vision of providing the highest level of service to the client.

Culture Rules

Being part of BE as an undergrad student is allowing me to have a deeper insight into the ins and outs of BE culture, customers’ needs, project management, prioritization of tasks, and a deeper understanding of the company’s processes. I am lucky to get this insight and it provides me the tools I need to understand what makes for a great working environment.

Building a Foundation and Representing

Working in a job related to my field of study provides me a solid foundation to enhance my education and my contribution to BE. Providing a flexible work schedule motivates me to proudly represent the company and give back to them while growing as a professional. By allowing this flexibility BE has motivated me to grow with them. My long-term career goals match BE’s vision. I am looking forward to advancing in my career and continuing to play a part in BE’s success.

— M. Isaza, Mechanical Engineer-In-Training (E.I.T), Brindley Engineering


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