Part 1: Rewarding Careers in Structural Engineering – More than Buildings and Bridges!

Aug 31, 2022 | Inside BE - Our Culture | 0 comments

Most think structural engineers work on buildings or bridges – and nothing else. Have you ever seen an Industrial processing facility like the one pictured below? Have you ever wondered what these facilities produce? Industrial processing facilities have a variety of functions that range from creating power for our homes and electric vehicles, to producing pharmaceuticals for healthcare, or hydrocarbons to propel machinery, and many other products we use in our daily lives.

Energy doesn’t come from the socket and vehicles don’t move by themselves. Engineers, designers, and technicians who work in industrial processing facilities use their creativity to turn ideas into new products and make advances in our modern world possible.  At Brindley Engineering, we thrive on creative projects, and you don’t need prior experience in these industries to be effective. The structural engineering team at Brindley Engineering has a diverse background – some engineers come right out of school, others have backgrounds in bridge inspection and engineering, while others have a commercial building background. We even have engineers with backgrounds in the defense industry.

The work we do is technically challenging and rewarding.  After all, how many engineers in buildings and bridges must contend with cyclical live loads greater than 20 million lbs.?  How often have you been requested to design a structure that is subjected to 3 million lb. impact loads of abrasive materials at over 500 deg F?  Have you ever evaluated a structure to determine its end of life based on damage and statistical criteria?  Do you like a mix of office and field analytical work?

Stay tuned for more about Industrial facilities that are full of interesting structural engineering challenges! Up next is Part 2: Rewarding Careers in Structural Engineering I Engineering Structures With 20MM lb. Cyclical Live Loads in Refineries.

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