Extinguish Fireproofing Risk Part 1: Q&A with Brindley Engineering on protecting infrastructure and industrial facilities

Feb 28, 2024 | Fireproofing | 0 comments

Brindley Engineering sees the urgent need to protect the infrastructure of industrial facilities and ensure operability for the next generation. Brindley Engineering is passionate about proactively mitigating these risks and getting ahead of any problems before they could arise. We sat down with Brindley Engineering’s experts to find out more about their fireproofing services.

Q: What types of fireproofing services does BE address?

A: BE fireproofing services include:

  • Maintenance program development and management
  • Field evaluations
  • Fireproofing needs assessment
  • Repair engineering and design
  • Quality control
  • Post fire evaluations
  • Fire and fireproofing technology

Q: How does BE perform a post fire evaluation? Why is this important?

A: When an unfortunate fire incident occurs, a facility needs to return to a safe operational mode as quickly as possible. Our depth of knowledge of structures, fireproofing materials, fire modelling, and heat propagation allows us to quickly assess the level of damage post-fire and establish fit-for-purpose criteria to get the unit up and running. We make it our mission to work together to return the unit to service safely and efficiently.

Q: What kind of technology is used in fireproofing assessments?

A: Structural modelling, finite element analysis, and other commercial and proprietary software programs can be implemented quickly and accurately to assess a plant’s specific issues. From there we determine opportunities to either eliminate the need of fireproofing, project end-of-life, design specific passive or active fire-protection systems, or to assess deterioration and potential replacements or repairs.

About Brindley Engineering Brindley Engineering was founded with a vision to provide the highest level of service to clients in capital & maintenance projects, reliability initiatives, and construction solutions. We’ve developed a world-class, multidisciplinary team of engineers, technicians, and designers that share that vision.


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