Structure Rebuild Due to Fire Damage

Aug 25, 2020 | Fireproofing | 0 comments

Brindley Engineering was commissioned on an emergency basis to assist a refinery to recover from a fire. A large portion within one of their processing units was damaged including critical DCS cabling infrastructure along with field instrumentation replacement and upgrades.

Our Challenges

The main issue was redesigning the old marshalling system and incorporating Foundation Fieldbus including new 4-20mA DCS wiring to replace the legacy pneumatic field instrumentation. All unit instrumentation infrastructure had to go through rigorous damage assessments while preliminary wiring was underway. Construction contractors were working under a very compressed schedule, leaving little time for Brindley Engineering to produce construction drawings in a traditional timeframe.  BE engineers and designers were working on a parallel schedule with construction that often led to documentation changes daily as new discoveries were made or to accommodate construction and material lead times.

BE the Solution

Foundation Fieldbus systems significantly reduce home-run wiring, overall terminations, reduced QA/AC time during commissioning and minimize the engineered drawings required. Brindley Engineering’s vast knowledge of the Foundation Fieldbus technology allowed for a practical design, thorough documentation and guided the way for compliance validations of both the technical and constructability sides of the project. Ultimately, this allowed the construction group to maintain their schedules and in return the plant was able to successfully predict the commissioning and start-up dates. To achieve this Brindley instrumentation engineers and designers were embedded within the client team, allowing BE to quickly develop and modify designs as new information came in. This team effort resulted in a fire damaged unit being restarted in a matter of a few weeks rather than months.


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