Engineering Leadership Principle #5: Boost Employee Morale

Jun 12, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

By Tom Brindley, Founder and CEO, Brindley Engineering

Taking Care of People you are in Charge of Rules the Day

“Together” is one of the Core Value at Brindley Engineering.  The concept of “Together” means looking out for and assisting others such as your Family, your Team, and your Clients.  Our recent leadership training stressed several points, one of which is taking care of those you are responsible for.  Genuine care involves effort.  Great leaders understand that. Leadership involves putting others before yourself, looking out for their interests and doing everything you can to set them up for success.  When good leaders do this, it builds trust, and trust is the foundation for building strong, connected teams.

When they are part of a highly functioning ‘Together’ team, people can achieve things beyond what they can do as an individual.  I’ve seen it in action and there are few things more gratifying than seeing our people succeed. But each person and each team want to know and be assured that their work is valued, that they will be valued as a person, and that their efforts help achieve a notable goal they will be proud of.  Leaders can show them how their individual and group efforts contribute to the success of a ‘Together’ team. People will put forth great effort and endure many difficulties along the way to achieving a goal if this happens because they know the result was worth the effort.

A highly functioning team is not made via dictation or demand from those in a position of authority but through kindness, caring, competence, and effort of the leader in charge.  We all have hopes and dreams.  We all have good days and bad.  Everyone that makes decisions makes mistakes. Leaders get an incredible opportunity to help their teams learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes. The ability to listen, following through on your word, be gracious in forgiveness, and put others first will earn the trust and confidence of those we, as leaders, are responsible for.

Taking care of people you are in charge of rules the day. Remember, you can be assigned as a manager, but you must be nominated as a leader by those you are responsible for.

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