BE Ready: Tips From Hiring Managers on How to Land a Job You Want

Feb 3, 2022 | Leadership | 0 comments

How to land a job – creating a strong resume is an essential first step. A resume shows a future employer what you have done in the past – from school highlights, to internships and passion projects. It’s a chance to highlight your skills and training, work experience, education, and, most importantly, your personality!

Here are some recommendations for upcoming graduates directly from our Brindley Engineering hiring managers on how to land an interview and prepare for getting your dream job:

1. Resume Building Workshops

Utilize your college counselors and resources to take advantage of resume building workshops. Not only can they offer a non-bias point of view, but they may provide an added layer of spelling and grammar check! They more eyes on your resume the better – make sure your resume is reflective of your personality and error free.

2. Internships Matter

It’s great to list internships to show that you have real world experience. If you weren’t so lucky to get an internship, be sure to list any work experience, even if it was helping a family member build a deck, working at the family restaurant, or helping to rebuild that 1970’s hot rod!

3. Show Passion

Be sure to highlight the classes and/or activities that you really enjoy and have a passion for. We love learning what people are passionate about, it helps us know if you are a great culture fit.

4. Senior Project Highlights

List your senior design project and what type of challenges you overcame, innovative ideas your team produced, and what made it successful. We love seeing candidates solve tough problems!

5. Do Your Research

When it comes to interviewing be sure to do your research on the company ahead of time. Know who you are interviewing with.

6. Come Prepared

Be prepared to not only answer questions but ask questions as well! We love curious candidates. Ask questions about the company’s culture, opportunities for learning and development, company growth, and anything that you’re looking for in a great company.

7. Know What You are Looking For

What drives you? What motivates you? Why would you get out of bed early and want to work? What kind of company will inspire you? Ask questions to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

8. Responsibilities

Are you looking for a company with a structured organization and specific role or a company with less procedures and multiple roles and responsibilities a better fit? Why? What makes you work well in the scenario you choose?

9. Commuting

Would you prefer to work from home, report to a local office each day, or travel the world?  If you love to travel let it be known in your interview!

10. Go for it!

Don’t sit back and wait for a company to come find you, do your research, find your dream job, and apply!

11. Use Your Resources and Network

Offer references from previous employment or professors that would have good things to say about you. Character matters and references can be an important part of the interview process.

Remember that your resume is a reflection of you and can help you land the interview. But once you’ve landed that interview, it’s important to remember that the interviews are a 2-way street. Interviews are a chance for employers to get to know candidates and vice versa — and finding chemistry is an important part of the process. It’s  just as important for employers to see if candidates are a match for them as it is for applicants to see whether employers are in alignment with their needs and goals.

Good luck!  And remember, Brindley Engineering has many open positions. Submit your resume today!


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