Q&A Interview with Brindley Engineering Senior Project Manager, Brian Creighton

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Brindley Engineering: Meet Brian Creighton, Senior Project Manager

Brindley Engineering is so excited to welcome Brian Creighton to the team! Brian has over 30 years of experience in the petroleum refining industry, including project engineering, engineering project management, personnel management, sales technical support, contractor and fabricator management, and mechanical equipment design. We sat down to learn more about Brian and his goals for Brindley Engineering.

Q: What are your day-to-day responsibilities as Senior Project Manager?

A:  I have multiple and varied responsibilities. They touch on many aspects of my professional career, project management, personnel management and development, mentoring, technical collaboration in a multi-disciplinary environment, contract administration, customer interactions, proposal development, account management and others.  The variety of activities was a strong motivator for me to join BE.

Q: What projects are you most looking forward to?

A: What I am most excited about is being a member of the management team and having input into a company that is growing and establishing itself as a quality engineering firm.  I’m used to building equipment, turning ideas into steel.  A business, a culture, is an entirely different type of product.  I can have an impact here that I don’t believe I would have somewhere else.

Q: Where is the industry headed and what do you see as the biggest opportunity for you professionally as well as for BE?

A: It is clear that conventional energy sources, non-renewables like oil, natural gas, coal, etc. will play a major role for many years to come.  My background has been focused in this area, but renewables will play an even larger role in the future.  Global renewable capacity is on target to set a record for single year growth in 2023 and possibly year over year as political support continues to grow. I think it will be important to seek out opportunities to support this energy sector in coming years. Diversification in general is important to ensure that BE can fully utilize employees during downturns in different sectors. BE invests considerable time and effort in finding, training, and retaining the right people.  We do not want to lose someone because of lack of work.  We never had, not even during COVID, and we’re very proud of that.

“It is clear that conventional energy sources, non-renewables like oil, natural gas, coal, etc. will play a major role for many years to come. My background has been focused in this area, but renewables will play an even larger role in the future.” – Brian Creighton, Senior Project Manager, Brindley Engineering
BE made a name providing maintenance and reliability support, particularly by providing structural engineering services to the refining industry. As BE continues to expand to support different industries and larger projects, there will be significantly more multi-disciplinary involvement, increased complexity, and broader scope of deliverables. Project execution will require improved procedures and infrastructure as well as a more Project Management support and personnel.  This provides an opportunity for me to help develop and support that effort.

Q: Why work for BE? 

A:  BE is a relatively small, though rapidly growing, company and acts with the agility that only a smaller company can. The organizational structure is fairly flat, and people’s voices can be heard.  At BE, employees can and do interact with employees at all levels. They can have valuable input into their projects, jobs, and work environment.

Q: Why should clients work with BE?

A: BE provides a level of attention to the customer’s needs that I do not believe you will find with other companies.  Internally there is emphasis on the team concept in the execution of our projects.  That increases reliability; our product is a shared responsibility, and everyone supports the team to ensure quality.  We try to treat our clients as members of our team with common goals. I believe this is why BE is growing so quickly.

Q: Tell us more about BE? What are some of BE’s strengths?

A: It was clear to me from my first interactions with management that BE is building a culture as much as a business and that culture places a high value on the individual.  Employees are valued for more than their ability to contribute to the bottom line. The personal interactions foster a supportive, enjoyable team environment that feels quite different than other places I’ve worked.

Q: What didn’t I ask about that I should have?

A: Why I do what I do?

My primary motivation is my family, my wife, daughter and son.  If not for them I might have taken a zero stress job, spent my time focusing on hobbies and retired long ago.

That did not come out quite the way I meant it to…

It makes sense though if you understand that I enjoy my job. I enjoy problem solving, team-work, the people I meet, and the places I have been to around the world.  I like to see the results of my efforts. My family motivates me and, in keeping me from surrendering to laziness, they ensured that I have had a fulfilling and enjoyable career. I think it will be even more enjoyable at BE.

Fun fact about Brian: Brian enjoys biking (indoors and outdoors when the weather is nice). He logged over 15,000 miles in the last six years!

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