Reliability Initiatives Case Study

Measurement Reliability and Accuracy

Dec 7, 2018 | Case Studies - Reliability Initiatives | 0 comments

This project was to improve the reliability of level measurements in an oil/sour water separator at a Midwest refinery. More accurate and stable level measurement would prevent high and low level alarms and trips from occurring as well as having better level control.

Improving Level Measurement Reliability and Accuracy

Our Challenges

Existing redundant level measurements were not reading the same, enough to question where the correct level was in each oil and sour water sections. Diverse level technologies on one level section was also being used but was problematic in the level readouts of each level technology.

BE the Solution

Find the best appropriate level measurement technologies for the application and design the new level bridles for best level measurement and performance. DP electronic remote seals provided the best solution and simplest solution with process flanges sized for optimum level measurement and accuracy performance.

BE the Result

  • More accurate level measurements
  • More reliable level measurement
  • Simplest technology solution


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