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Coke Drum Replacement

Jun 1, 2018 | Case Studies - Construction Solutions | 0 comments

A Client of Brindley needed to replace their coke drums and conduct repairs and modifications to the reinforced concrete coke drum support structure.  The scale of the outage was significant and minimizing the time and effort required was paramount to operational efficiency.  

BE the Solution

The Brindley Team had to devise numerous repair and modification details with a primary importance on constructability to keep budgets reasonable and outage time to a minimum.  There were numerous innovative details utilizing pre-fabricated templates and members, pre-cast concrete panels and many other advanced techniques.  Reliability improvements to the supporting structure were added such as sacrificial anodes, modified crane supports, and specialty materials.  It was critical to integrate the designs with the various construction contractors to ensure a successful project.

Our Challenges

The drill stem derricks and drums had to be removed by one of the largest cranes in the world to facilitate the installation of the new drums.  The structural repairs included replacing elevated reinforced concrete decks approximately 2.5 ft thick, extensive modifications to primary support columns, deck strengthening, gantry crane rail replacement, and many other modifications and repairs.

    BE the Result

    The outage was a great success, meeting all intended parameters from budget to schedule and quality.


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