Impact of COVID-19 on Brindley Engineering Services

Jun 3, 2021 | Inside BE - Our Culture | 0 comments

We Had Ambitious Goals, Then Covid Hit   

There is something about the start of a new calendar year, the energy surrounding it and looking forward at what is to come. Brindley Engineering had just come off a successful year in 2019 and our goals for 2020 were ambitious and exciting. In addition to keeping current clients satisfied, we were committed to focusing on goals that encompassed new markets, services, and clients. We were excited to expand the BE team to make these goals a reality. And we were off to a great start with a growing project base domestically and internationally with project work in Italy and Mexico.

In February, 2020 a team member in Bergamo, Italy, called to tell me what was happening there with regard to COVID-19. If you recall, the pandemic hit Italy hard and the initial epicenter was in Bergamo. It was difficult hearing how the situation was deteriorating rapidly and the awful effects it was having on the people in Italy. This prompted the Brindley Engineering Management Team to act by putting safety protocols in place, shifting business focus, and shortly thereafter, moving our team into working remotely.

Our team was concerned but remained confident through these adjustments and, like many other companies, we began the new “normal.” Our clients were equally concerned, but in many cases there were tasks that needed to be accomplished. With our clients we worked to put plans in place that were logical and did not resort to panic moves.

Our over-arching Core Value at Brindley Engineering is the concept of “Together.” Together with your team Together with your Family. Together with your Client. You don’t know how strong your culture is, or how much everyone believes in “Together,” until it is tested. I was proud to see our company culture come to life. We stuck together and trusted one another and, in the end, we kept our team intact, healthy, working and supporting our clients.

Now that the United States appears to largely be pulling out of the pandemic, I look back with both awe and pride at a team that stuck together and remained healthy, both literally and figuratively. In addition, the team at Brindley Engineering produced work in a way that resulted in achieving many of those ambitious goals we tabled at the beginning of the pandemic. Together, we achieved great things in a time of uncertainty.

It may not be time to uncork the champagne just yet, but I believe we have earned this moment of reflection. And I would be remiss if I did not use this as an opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the BE team, their families, and our clients.

Thank You.

– Tom Brindley, President, Brindley Engineering


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