BE Procative

Extinguish Fireproofing Risk

We see the urgent need to protect the infrastructure of industrial facilities and ensure operability for the next generation.  Brindley Engineering is passionate about proactively mitigating the risks associated with deteriorating or inadequate fireproofing.

Why wait for fireproofing debris to spall and fall on equipment or personnel?  Why spend time and maintenance dollars on like-in-kind repairs when other less costly options may be equally effective?  Why wait for the next fire to figure out if you are adequately protected?  Join in BE’s initiative to extinguish fireproofing risk and keep industrial facilities protected from fire for generations to come.

BE Fireproofing Services Include:
  • Fireproofing field evaluations
  • Maintenance program development, organization, execution, and management
  • Repair engineering and design
  • Fireproofing “Needs Analysis (API 2218 Assessment)
  • Fire modelling and fireproofing technology
  • Post fire evaluations